Serviceworks Management
Serviceworks Management

Who is Serviceworks?

Serviceworks, a Computershare company, is a leading business partner to the utilities industry. We specialise in the provision of innovative business solutions to a range of utilities around the world.

Our extensive knowledge and focus on the utilities sector enables us to provide a range of leading-edge consulting, customer management and technology products and services; helping you to navigate the evolving maze of complexities and challenges that the industry presents.

We partner with our clients to provide sustainable business solutions that maximise revenue, minimise cost, and continually improve the customer experience.

We can help you:
  • Rapidly turn market entry plans into a reality, utilising a variable cost model
  • Break free from the constraints of out dated, inflexible systems and business models
  • Reduce your cost to serve, without exporting jobs or sacrificing customer satisfaction
  • Swiftly seize new opportunities and respond to unexpected issues with speed and agility
  • Identify and deliver meter-to-cash service and cost improvements

Why was Serviceworks Created?

Serviceworks was initially created to help utilities navigate the evolving maze of complexities and challenges, and to assist each utility in achieving improved customer experience and profitability.

Although this is still very much our focus, we have since applied our expertise and expanded our offerings to provide water utilities and energy retailers with innovative, outsourced customer management services and related support infrastructure. This includes a comprehensive range of specialist consulting, technology, multi-channel customer service, billing, payments and credit management. We are the friendly voice on the phone and the partner working behind the scenes to help our clients consistently deliver a great service experience across the customer lifecycle.


The privatisation of the Victorian Retail Energy Market in Australia supported the growth of Serviceworks from a start-up business in 1999, providing advice and support to energy retailers Ė to a vibrant, ever-expanding team delivering excellence in consulting, customer management services and technology solutions.

Strategic Intent

Serviceworks aspires to
  • Collaborate with our partners to create the most effective and efficient operations in the utilities industry
  • Develop proprietary leading-edge technologies that meet the specific needs of our clients
  • Be the fastest organisation in the utilities industry to respond to and capitalise on the changes and opportunities within the industry
  • Foster a creative and bureaucracy free culture that encourages staff to take ownership and responsibility for their work.
  • Be the best organisation to work for in the utilities industry


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